Insightful Social Studies

This site seeks to aggregate the vast range of Social Media – and provide Research, Metrics, and Direct Contact to these companies; as well as between the users of this site. Insightful Social Studies is a huge category, so our focus is on prioritizing the sites with the greatest relevance for : So you’re see the spirit of user generated content there will be no one place to go for information on Social Media Companies.insightful-social-studies-logo

Using the Insightful Social Studies – for research or for companies adding themselves to the directory – will always be free. The directory is meant to be used by those wanting to understand the business and marketing opportunities available to this newest of ‘new media’.

We also seek to provide a test-bed for some of the latest social networking capabilities — in this fashion connecting our users to each other to leverage the entire network effect.
Web site currently under development as of November 2006.

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