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Layover Magento Theme Responsive

What is the advantage of choosing a theme common Magento? This is a good solution, Magento Themes Responsivebecause it has developed over time, bearing in mind the comments of the previous buyers. Just this is the case here with Layover, a Magento theme, which is downloaded hundreds of times. The menu of the Magento theme, part quickview complete Ajax, a carriage, as well as the inclusion of the Open Graph protocol, especially for Facebook, so important to ensure the proper use of social networks. In addition, there is a layover page highlighting your best sales opportunity to sign up for your newsletter, text blocks…. Magento theme is very rich.



Response, Magento Theme Responsive


The Response is a Magento theme, followed by a single word during the development of this theme – simplicity. In fact, everything is done to make the Magento theme is the easiest to handle, whether you are a Magento expert or a complete novice. This Magento theme is more personalized, to develop the goals and expectations of customers. It expresses the user experience where are offered no less than five versions. This means that your site is perfect, regardless of the interface.

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