Social Media Marketing

Do you have business to promote? Then, using social media is necessary for your business to reach more clients who are really interested in purchasing your product or services. A business that has no social media account is a business that will surely die with the twist and turns of modern technology. In whatever business you have established may it be offline or online, the power of social media will always be an integral part for its success.

Here I will enumerate the top 5 reasons why social media is important for business:

It Attracts More Leads that convert into sales. It is revealed in statistical data that business owners who indulged in social networking at least six hours per week by sharing or engaging with future clients saw a 52 percent increase in leads compared to those who ignored social

Twitter offers viral campaign. One of the most popular social media services is Twitter and millions of users worldwide have been engaged with Twitter to broadcast their products and services.  In fact, it is very noteworthy that companies that use Twitter in marketing their products or services have doubled the number of leads per month than those who do not.

Approximately 2/3 of US Internet users regularly use a social network. With these number of internet users, it is easy to reach them and be acquainted with their wants or needs. Some of these users use any of the social networks just to solve a particular problem. And many of them are dependent upon what their friends have recommended using social networks like Facebook, Google plus, LinkedIn, etc.


It’s All About Your Clients. When you instill in your clients the proper way of using social media for business, just remind them of IRL (in real life) networking. People love it when you listen to what you have to impart. Be it in for the right reasons. Of course, there’s a point in time when you crave to communicate what your industry has to offer, but be canny about it.

Social Media Accounts Equals More Traffic. By just posting your message then the URL of your website or blog. Those who are interested on the message will surely click it and will become your visitors. The more friends you have in Facebook, more followers on Twitter, and more connections in LinkedIn, the more traffic you can generate with a single post.

There are a lot of reasons why social media is important for business but the 5 reasons that I gave are just enough to convince yourself to start making social media accounts on well-known Social Networks.

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